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In December 1991, the Predecessor of WENZHOU CITY SANHO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. called Wenzhou Sanyang Leather Shoes Factory was established.

In 1996, We engaged in the research and development of hot melt adhesive and manufactured the first cover rubber adhesive for shoe in China.

In 1997, We committed to the automatic application of hot melt adhesive and ornaments on clothing accessories;  the first PA was modified successfully .

In 1999,  we engaged in trade and R&D of chemical raw materials and acted as an agent for hot melt adhesive from abroad; meanwhile, we transformed waste into plant energy to replace 200#, 280# oil and diesel oil and obtained Business License for Hazardous Chemicals.

In 2007, WENZHOU CITY SANHO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD was established obtained Import and Export License for Foreign Trade and Business License for Hazardous Chemicals necessary for related businesses.


In 2016, Named as“Wenzhou Technology(Innovation) Enterprise”by The Bureau of Wenzhou Science and Technology and obtains multiple technology patents.

Founded in January 2015, Zhejiang Fengsheng Hot Melt Adhesive Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Wenzhou Longwan Hi-tech Industrial Zone. Its predecessor is Wenzhou Sanyang Leather and Shoe Material Factory. It was founded in 1991. We have been engaged in hot melt adhesives industry for more than ten years. In February 2018, we moved to Yanghao Industrial Zone, Suichang County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, covering an area of 5000 square meters It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production, sales and service.

The company has advanced production equipment, perfect product testing means and quality assurance system. With professional level and mature technology, hot melt adhesives industry is rapidly rising. It is our constant pursuit to rely on science and technology for development and constantly provide users with satisfactory products. On the basis of fully introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology, efforts should be made to improve the technical content of products, such as hot melt guns, hot melt particles, hot melt sticks, pressure sensitive adhesives (hot melt adhesives block), hot melt adhesives powder, hot melt adhesives column, hot melt adhesives film and so on. Specific uses include packaging adhesives, book binding adhesives and clothing hot drilling. Glue, filter glue, electronic glue, woodworking glue, high temperature hot melt glue, etc. They can be widely used in automobiles, electronics, clothing, shoes, building materials, furniture, packaging, handicraft, DIY and other neighborhoods. With high quality product quality and exquisite technical service, the company has received unanimous praise from users. In the process of development, the company has continuously exchanged and cooperated with many domestic scientific research institutions. Its design, production and transformation capabilities have been rapidly improved and its scale has been expanding. Our company constantly develops new products to adapt to the progress of social sciences. At the same time, we have won a number of national patents.

The company has close ties with major chemical raw material suppliers in the world and maintains good cooperative relations with them. Since its establishment, it has brought its own advantages into full play, perfected its sales network, focused on its corporate image, and created a diversified business model in which small package retail industry drives large-scale sales on the network, and continuously increased its original size. Material variety matching measures, won the unanimous praise of our customers. Enterprise products have a vast market and are exported to many places at home and abroad.

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