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Fengsheng Hot Melt Adhesive Experts

ZHEJIANG FENG SHENG HOT MELT ADHESIVE TECHNOLOGY CO., a comprehensive enterprise with scientific and technological innovation. The company's main products are four categories include hot melt adhesive, bonding adhesive, heat-sensitive paper and electronic tag, which can be widely applied in industries, such as automobiles, electronics, clothing, shoes, building materials, packaging and etc. Since establishment in 2007, the company has dedicated itself and developed into a leading chemical enterprise of domestic and foreign agents, research and design, production and sales and technical services.

In December 1991, the Predecessor of WENZHOU CITY SANHO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. called Wenzhou Sanyang Leather Shoes Factory was established.
The main products are hot-melt adhesives, adhesive glue, thermal paper, electronic tags four categories
Insist on unity to encourage team spirit;Emphasize Technology to promote development;Strengthen management to achieve benefit
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